Anti-Aging Tip: Include the Décolleté

What is the Décolleté?

 (pronounced ‘day-kōl-tay’)

The décolleté area is defined as your neckline area. It is often overlooked, avoided, and exposed. Yes, it is exposed to the sun, the elements, your sticky fruit smoothie, dust, dirt, etc. Unfortunately, we tend to spend all of our beauty rituals on our face. If you have a nice, beautiful complexion that is the envy of your friends – your dewy glow and all – have you spent the same amount of attention on your neckline? I bet not. Go to the mirror now and see if your neckline looks older than your face. So sad, but it is very common and there is something you can do about this problem. Don’t worry, the area can be revived and looking splendid with a little bit of extra attention.

Don’t neglect your neckline – your décolleté area.

Protect the declotte area by Fort Collins Day Spa | Fort CollinsIf you are exfoliating your face with your wonderful cleanser mixed with exfoliating beads, why not go a bit further down and thoroughly exfoliate your neck and your décolleté? You will be amazed at all the dry skin that will come off. The sun has done the damage this summer, you know there were times you faithfully applied the sunscreen on your face but you neglected the neckline – you can see the tan lines! This is damage that can be reversed fast if you exfoliate and apply your nice wonderful moisturizer in your neckline as well as your face. To speed things up you can always have an alpha hydroxy product work on the area as well – just be sure to apply sunscreen.

Have your Therapist include the Décolleté area during your next Spa visit.

Going to the spa for a lovely facial? Why not call ahead and ask if the esthetician can include the neckline area. Or wait till you are in the room and have them pull a little time off of your facial massage to include the décolleté area. Most estheticians love to include this area because they know it rarely gets the attention it needs. Either call ahead, or ask the esthetician in the room – either way make sure it is included with your facial.

SPF Protection is important for your Face, Neck and Chest Area

Decollete area for anti-aging Fort Collins Day spa
Keep your neck and chest area as smooth and glowing as your face and then your skin won’t give away your age. Oh, and you can ditch the scarves later on in life too!

Are you attending festivals this summer? The late summer sun tends to be more intense and you might forget your SPF – please don’t! These areas need sun protection all the time. Here in Colorado we are closer to the sun than some other states and most people know to not leave the house without protection. However, when someone comes into the spa at the age of 32 and they have sun damage that looks like a 45 year old – we are very quick to recommend Microdermabrasion sessions to peel off that damage fast and educate our customer on the benefits of SPF protection and proper skin maintenance for our dry state. You should consider having your Microdermabrasion session include the décolleté area as well so that your face, neck and neckline area are all in sync. Ever look at someone with beautiful facial skin and a tough, leather-like neckline? It’s not a pretty site. Take care of your entire appearance. It takes just a few minutes.

Another Anti-Aging Tip: Include the Hands with your SPF Ritual!

While we are talking about anti-aging practices let’s include the hands in our SPF ritual. When you are driving your hands are right there basking right in the summer sun blasting through the windshield. Are  you protecting the tops of your hands? No? Well, let’s start to protect that area as well. Taking some simple sugar at home and mixing it with your best body wash and gently exfoliating the hands over your kitchen sink – that is heaven! Give it a try. If you can, use sugar instead of salt (less drying). Be sure to drench your hands in your favorite hand lotion to put that moisture back in – you’ll be amazed at how easy it absorbs once all that dead skin is out of the way. And in the morning – what are you going to do? Right! Add SPF lotion to your Face, Neck, Décolleté and hands, too! Hope you have a good amount of protection -buy the big size next time.

Let’s be beautiful all over and remember to pay attention to our décolleté area!


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