It starts with the spa customer – what do they really need?

In the day spa industry people are always looking for the latest and greatest ingredients, equipment, massage techniques and literally anything else that can make their business rock with customers and make that cash register ring. In all of that chatter, sometimes the intent of the customer entering your business gets lost. It’s important to make sure that product purchases will help each and every customer. Many times I heard stories from estheticians at other spas that were so excited about selling a huge package of skincare products to someone who just turned around and brought every single one of them back. Why did this happen?

It starts with the customer – what do they really need?

It starts with the spa customer in a day spa - what do they needYour customer approaches your business with a need to de-stress, relax, breathe in and out slowly and decompress from all the obligations and schedules that consume their day. The best massage therapists and estheticians know you’ve got to slow down a bit, so they do everything in their power to talk softly, have an inviting room that is warm and smells fresh and welcoming and they listen. They take the time to listen as you rattle off your allergy to nuts, your neck is off, your feet are not happy and sometimes a knee let’s you know it feels like it is taking on the duties of two legs. Combine that with people obsessing about lines and wrinkles, floppy neck issues and then they tell you to fry your face thinking that a good burn is all it needs. These directions and bits of information are pretty overwhelming, but a good therapist take them all into consideration, asks a few questions to understand further and you are then off to dreamland via the spa.

Help me chill out

Clients really need to chill out, be one with the massage table or facial chair and let you work your magic based upon the information provided. Some of the best therapists only need a few more moments of talking to gain information needed to pick the right products or work your muscles in a certain fashion so a to relieve pain and knots. Let them do their thing, but also speak upif products feel like they are burning or stinging – the quicker something comes off your skin – the better.

When you hear of a therapist that is kind and knowledgeable and has a great set of hands – that is someone you should seek out. Not everyone has the talent to be in the day spa business. Schools are graduating many new people with the hopes they will automatically have bags of money land in the lap by just working 4 hours a week…….and this has created many people who really should not be in the business. You know the type – they go through the motions, giving fake smiles and recommending products during your whole facial (ugh!) and it’s clear they are just working you for more commissions, more tips.

Good work starts with the day spa customer and knowing what they need so you can provide the best level of service.

What does a spa customer really wantAs a consumer remember that it starts with the spa customer – you. Find an esthetician in town that is recommended to you – even a massage therapist. Let them use their skills and products to give you and your skin and body what it needs. Try not to control everything……and relax. You’ll find yourself again and the world will be right where you left it, but not as busy. A day spa visit helps to reprioritize your life. Go out for dinner and have a conversation with the family – no cell phones. You’ll be glad you did.

Oh – and that client who returned all those products? It happens all the time and it’s usually an over zealous salesperson to blame. Those products would be perfect for that client, however they just had thorough exfoliation of the skin and serums, toners, topical gels, masks and moisturizers applied – so technically their skin is perfect upon leaving the spa. If this happens to you, just use one product from the bundle you purchase the next day. No need to wash your skin again – too much activity and your skin gets mad and no matter what you put on it – it will sting. So just be a little gentle with your skin care regime after a spa visit. The following week you can use the exfoliant your spa theraist recommended. Ever so gently let it do the work – don’t be so rough on your skin and please do not use other products at home that have lots of water content (like cetaphil – it’s just water folks – not really cleaning at all) make sure your skin is kept hydrated with the correct moisturizers and serums. So again, it’s ok to buy a full set of products when leaving the spa – just don’t put them all on your skin at the same time that evening or morning – give your skin a break and gently introduce the new routine.

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