The Difference Between an OK Massage and a Good Massage

If you’ve experienced having a wonderful massage you understand how relaxing and therapeutic a massage can be and always look forward to the next one. Sometimes you book again with the same therapist because the last massage with them was pretty good. Why not venture into the land of mystery and try another massage therapist at the same place?

Everyone has a different style. You may have a better connection, or they might have the perfect soothing pattern that puts you into never-neverland. Some therapists add essential oils during their sessions to help you zone out faster. I love having a massage therapist that is passionate about their craft. Those types of therapists are the ones asking if you’d like a cool or warm stone treatment added into your session. To see more of knowing the difference between an OK massage and a good massage, read more.

It starts with a Dedicated Therapist

Massage therapists are everywhere. There are massage therapy franchises. There are combination hair salon, facial and massage therapy services businesses – with nails! Some oneroom esthy’s estheticians) have created a rather large following of happy skincare clients so they decide to rent out their room to a massage therapist twice a week so they can take a break. Other therapists travel to your home or a hotel room – they go to your location. In any of those environments, you will find that the person who asks you the best questions and takes time to understand what your expectations of the session will be – those are your best people.

The pattern, flow, pressure and style of the massage therapist combines to make a great experience when you have someone dedicated to their craft.

A Good Massage Session has these Qualities:

  • They always use both of their hands. One hand is never idle holding your head for instance. Good therapists keep both hands working all the time almost to the point of you thinking someone else is in the room because their flow is so amazingly smooth.
  • They ask about their pressure early on – but not all the time (which can be annoying). Adjust pressure is good. If I know my feet can take more pressure I will tell them right up front as we are chatting in the beginning. I like to say “I like medium pressure, but if you think an area needs more work – go for it – but don’t hurt me.” I say this because I was bruised a few times and did not know it till seeing the area the next day (upper arm – too much pressure!).
  • Difference between and ok massage and a good massageGood massage therapists use other tools to make your experience so good you will ask for that therapist again. They might add soothing essential oils, warm stones, cool stones, heat packs to get your back loosened up a bit as they work on your legs, extra soft blankets, minimal other sound effects – just soft music and minimal conversation. Try and really turn off the chatter and let yourself just become one with the massage table. You can do this – it’s not too difficult!

An OK Massage is one that:

  • You feel a bit separated. Do you know what that means? It means that they do not move from one part of your body to the other by connecting the two areas. If you do my left arm and then tuck it away, then do my left leg, then tuck it away….I feel very disjointed. You’ll know what I mean when a therapist does this too you (usually unknowingly.) Connecting my arms to my sides to my leg and then covering the section you finished and revealing a new section should be so fluid that the massag therapist is practically dancing around the table. Let me tell you right now – if you find a therapist that massages in this way – connecting all your pieces – in a flowy, practiced motion, can I have their number please? They are the best types!
  • When might feel ok, but you never really relaxed. Try and turn that phone off. Tell everyone to not bug you. Put a “take a message” on your life and zone out – in the middle of the day! I give you permission. Sleep is so important that the scientists have encouraged naps now to help people keep alert during the day. Consider this a long nap!

The important message to take from this article is to find that perfect massage therapist and stick with them. Don’t be content with someone who just “goes through the motions” because you will walk away feeling just ho-hum. A good massage gives you that airy, light feeling like you have grown 2 inches and your body is just so very relaxed and calm. If you find a therapist that can achieve these qualities, tip them well and rebook on the spot. Life is too short. Add more massages. That’s a great tshirt! Thanks for reading and enjoy your next massage. Tell us what you think makes a good massage in the comments below. – SPAGAL