What Mask Brush is Correct for your Facial

As much as we love going to our favorite Day Spa, we also love to pamper ourselves at home. When you choose a wonderful new mask it’s probably because something about your skin is off. You might have blotchy redness, blackheads clogging your nose and chin areas or maybe you feel that your skin is ashy and needs a peel or some type of exfoliation. Your quick fix is a mask at home. What mask brush is correct for your facial routine? Let’s consider some choices.

Goat’s Hair Mask Brush

A Goat’s Hair mask brush is super soft and usually is found at the back of your drawer or storage area beause you don’t want to ruin it’s softness by dipping it into a glycolic acid. No! These soft goat hair mask brushes are to be used to apply a calming mask typically after a microermabrasion or other harsh treatment. Your skin is tender. The exfoliation process revealed new layers. Treat them nicely with the softness of a goat’s hair brush and the most calming mask you have at your disposal. Clean between uses – gently… just soap and water is fine.

Taklon Fan Brush for Peels

This is the fan brush you need to apply glycolic acids and other peels – Taklon. It’s a synthetic bristle and can stand up to the daily use of applying masks that are strong. You will find many taklon fan brushes in various shapes and sizes at your local spa. They also are very easy to clean and sterilize. I like the thinner fan brush size because it only uses a minimal amount of product and the small tips make it easy to get to the sides of my nose. That’s where my blackheads are usually lurking!

Eco Bamboo Facial Mask Brushes

In an effort to match the buying preferences of our natural and organic skincare users, the bamboo mask brushes are a nice option. No plastic or acrylic handles. Smooth polished wood is light and easy to use with your skincare routine. Consider a set! Having multitude of brushes makes you feel like an artist and might inspire a creative side to come out in your makeup application.

Boar’s Hair Fan Brushes

This is an all-around no-problem-I-got-this type of facial mask brush. They are in use at every day spa and esthetician’s boutique because of they are stiff and hold up well. This is the type of brush that might shed a bit, but overall it springs back nicely. Consider trimming it if a wild hair goes astray. You want the mask to go in certain places – not the eyes, for instance!

There are many reasons why people like one brush over another. Consider buying a brush that is super clean for those acid peels – easy to sterilize. Make sure you have a brush like a boar’s head bristle one that you don’t mind getting dead sea mud all over. The softness of a brush also adds to the experience for me. A goat’s hair mask brush is so soft it helps to calm the skin after a harsh treatment. I hope I’ve assisted with a bit of brush knowledge for you today. Keep on visiting your favorite Day Spa and be sure to practice some of those techniques at home between your visits with a mask brush that is correct for your facial experience. I’ve added a few Amazon choices here at the bottom of this article to provide examples of these different types of brushes. Thank you for reading today.Look for more day spa related articles in 2017. – SpaGal

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