Misconceptions about the Male Massage Therapist

Contrary to some people’s notions – the Male Massage Therapist is a professionally licensed individual fully knowledgeable in your body mechanics, anatomy, muscle groups, etc. and is a very caring, educated person. It does not matter whether they are male or female in this profession, however if YOU have difficulty working with a different gender you need to ensure that your specific needs are understood by the spa.

True or False? Male Massage Therapists are Stronger

Male Massage Therapists  |  Fort Collins Day Spa
A little tapotement to loosen things up. Very nice indeed!

No. This is a misconception. A lot has to do with how many massages came before your visit. Did the male massage therapist just have two deep tissue massages just before yours? Did you ASK for a deep tissue massage? No? By asking ahead of time you let the spa know what your expectations are before you arrive. If you wanted deep tissue and they cannot provide it, you will think that therapist is not strong, when in fact they are just tired and they were expecting to provide you a relaxing, swedish type massage. Communication is so important! You could have a female therapist that just starts her shift and has the strength of an ox – or you could have a male therapist that was hit with too many “surprise” deep tissue massages. This is your time. Be sure to schedule the exact type of massage you expect.

True or False? You must keep your appointment even though the spa scheduled your session with a Male Massage Therapist.

No. You don’t. Your comfort and relaxation is of the highest concern to the spa and they would want you to be comfortable. Don’t ever feel that you cannot speak up and say, “I’d prefer a female therapist.” Or “I’d prefer a male therapist.” It’s perfectly ok to ask for a specific gender or person by name. This is your time. Your therapeutic benefits are higher when your muscles are relaxed – your therapist would appreciate your honesty as well.

True or False? Your male massage therapist is going to see you totally naked.

No. You are “draped” expertly with a sheet and or blanket during your session. Only the area they are working with is available and exposed. Your right leg, your left arm, your back – all these areas are only exposed as the therapist is working this area. Both female and male therapists implement the same techniques and are very careful to make you feel comfortable and secure at all times. If you feel you are not comfortable, always do something about it. A good day spa with an excellent reputation is not going to have any questionable therapists in their midst, however if you are uncomfortable, for any reason, do speak up and make your feelings known.

The subject of having a male massage therapist versus a female is a highly debated topic that basically comes down to your preference and experiences.  The more descriptive you are with the spa about what your needs are for your session, the better the receptionist can place you with the appropriate therapist. If you truly only would consider a female therapist it is best to mention this during booking so they do not book you a male massage therapist and then there is that awkward “aaaaah…..no…..” moment. Don’t ever feel forced to “be cool about it” – be true to what makes you feel comfortable – it’s your spa day after all!