How to Book a Group Spa Party

Visiting a Fort Collins Day Spa should be a relaxing, fun event for your group. When booking a group Spa Party it is good to have as much information as possible so that the day spa can accommodate the needs of your entire group. Have handy the list of attendees (definite and maybe’s included), whether they tend to arrive early or late (helps with booking) and the agenda for the group. In other words, will you be having a fun day at the spa and then an evening out with friends? Are there dinner reservations that need to be met at a specific time? Have all the information handy so that you can pick the best day and time for your event.

Biggest Mistake in Group Spa Party Booking

Group Spa Party Fort Collins Day Spa

Perhaps the biggest mistake in group spa party booking is not calling ahead! It is difficult to accommodate a group of 12 on a Saturday if there are already individual appointments made and set on the appointment book. Your group would most likely have to book around those people who beat you to the schedule. On rare occasions, a day spa manager might call a person to see if they would mind moving their appointment so that your group can have the whole day spa and giggle away the day together – but that is pretty rare. Don’t count on the spa moving their schedule because you only gave them 2 weeks notice.

Food and the Group Spa Party

If there are only 4 people in your group, it is reasonable to expect the spa to accommodate different food selections off their regular menu. However if you have a group spa party of more than 4, they will most likely have you pick one main meal, a side and a dessert. It just makes things easier on the spa. They can keep the main dish warm all together and as your friends finish their spa services they can join in on a snack or meal. Other people can then move on to the treatment rooms. Do not expect to all sit down together as the spa needs to keep the treatment rooms always busy. It does help to have the luncheon room not so crowded too.

Wine and Cheese type gatherings with your Group Spa Party

Ah – the wine and cheese gathering – my favorite – but really not the best idea if you are having massages. A good therapeutic massage generally brings up toxins that you need to rid your body of and here you are drinking winw – well, that’s ok…just be sure to drink plenty of water to compensate! Most day spas allow you to bring in your own beverages for your spa party.

Whatever the occasion – it is so much more fun to spend it at the Day Spa!  All you need is a good coordinator and a day spa that fits your needs. Take a look at our listing of Fort Collins Day Spas and pick a spa that meets your group spa party needs. Happy Spa-ing!


What are your experiences in booking a large group spa party? Any tips you can give us? Be sure to comment and let everyone know if you have a suggestion. Also, be sure to bookmark us and take advantage of local spa specials.