Acne Breakouts – Chin and Jawline

In this article we will be discussing the flair up of acne breakouts in the chin and jaw line area. The common belief amongst estheticians is that it is a hormonal fluctuation that causes this type of acne. This is true. While it is very obvious to women who are pregnant and develop acne in the chin and jaw line areas – there is not much to be done about it. Your hormones are a bit off during a pregnancy. The best you can do is to keep the area clean and moisturized (do not dry it out!) so that if acne breakouts occur it is easier to complete extractions from soft, pliable pores versus tough, dry pores full of debris.

Acne Breakouts and Birth Control Pills

Acne Breakouts Information Fort Collins Day SpaWhenever you start or stop using birth control pills, or even simply change the level of the pill you will be prone to breakouts in the chin and jaw line. Your body is adjusting and it needs a bit of time to understand what to do. With hormonal therapy acne breakouts occur as well. There is a potential for gynecological illnesses to show up in the form of acne on your chin and jaw line. So if this is not normal for you – do not overlook this sign. Be sure to visit a dermatologist or even an endocrinologist for a complete analysis just to be sure about the flair up.

Anti-Drug or Pro Drug Solutions to Acne Breakouts

There are many drug therapies – some gentle, some harsh – that will help with the acne breakouts due to hormonal flares. You have to weigh the pros and cons of every drug. Clients with severe issues might take the plunge and use a strong drug in order to avoid acne scarring that might surely occur if the acne is left unchecked. But what if you are averse to taking any drug? Having a detailed conversation with your doctor is very important. Write down your questions so you don’t get side-tracked in the doctor’s office. Make sure that if the doctor goes for the door as if your session is over, you stay put and tell them you have more questions. Do not make a decision without all the facts of the medicine you will be taking. Some drugs make you very sensitive in the sun. Do you like tanning booths? This can cause other problems for you. Make sure your questions are answered before you leave the doctors treatment room. Don’t be shy; it’s your time with the doctor.

Great Topical Solutions for Acne Breakouts

Here’s where things get a bit tricky – great products. Teen acne is different from adult acne, but most estheticians will agree that your type of acne might not be solved with a simple solution. Some acne is solved by instructing clients to actually use a moisturizer so their skin is not overly dry, hence producing oil constantly. Many drug store brands are full of alcohol and only dry out your skin. Good spa products containing salicylic acid work for many people, yet there are other people that get relief from just cleansing, keeping the cat off your pillow (a clean pillow), using a good moisturizer with a bit of green tea and tea tree oil or other simple method. If it is truly an acne breakout that is occurring due to your pizza and Fritos diet – good luck – no product can fix a poor diet!

Benzoyl Peroxide – an Acne Breakout Solution?

Some products containing benzoyl peroxide do a super job from the start and you think that all your acne is gone and then it comes back. This makes some people think that the skin gets used to it and it stops working. What is really going on is that people over-use this product. The Benzoyl Peroxide ingredient acts as a sort of peeling agent – and your skin becomes so thin and flaky and quite unhappy. This is the person that walks in to the spa insisting that they have “sensitive skin”. Well, your skin is super irritated with all the Benzoyl Peroxide you are putting on it with moisturizer that probably has it in there as well. Ouch! I bet it hurts to smile. It’s called “perifollicular inflammation” and causes acne breakouts – quite the opposite treatment you wanted, right? If you are coached correctly on using this product, it can work for you – just see a licensed esthetician and be knowledgeable about its proper use. More is not better with Benzoyl Peroxide!

I hope this article has given you some insight into the problems with acne breakouts – specifically the chin and jaw line areas. Gather information and do your research to find a good solution that works for your skin. Make sure your healthy diet consists of lots of water and delicious nutrient rich foods to avoid acne breakouts as well. Click here to see if Amazon has a great product for your situation.