Applying a Tan? Use the UltiMITT

Are you attending an outdoor wedding? Wearing a shoulderless or strapless dress? Short? Then I am guessing you have considered a self-tanning product. Some parts of our bodies are covered more than others because, well, that’s how it is sometimes. I’m not going to mow the lawn in the halter top I wore when I was 16. My neighbors have enough to think about. In considering using a self tanner so I’m snot so pasty white – actually applying these lotions is the real battle. How do you do it right the first time? You can’t undo a self tanner mistake very easily. My suggestion? Use this cool new mitt I discovered – it’s called the UltiMITT.

Self Tanning Product – What to choose?

Not normally a self-tanner I headed to my nearby Sally’s Beauty Supply. I was greeted by a friendly Sally employee and felt confident asking her what self tanner do they sell the most? What do people like? I did not want to go into the section and get too excited about a pretty label, if I was going to look good at this wedding I had to start applying the tanning lotion now and it had to be correct. She quickly recommended a brand with very minimal logo and writing. It seemed super simple so I’ thought I would give it a try.

Using the UltiMITT with your Self Tanner

The UltiMITT handy helper in applying your Self TannerJust for fun I wanted to do one leg without the mitt and one leg using this new special mitt. Was there a difference? Yes. But mostly because of the way I applied the product to the mitt. By using small dots of the self tanning lotion in an even pattern, I achieved the best application. When I used my hands on that first leg….it was a bit scary in that I wanted to blend the lotion more, but my hands were so dry they were absorbing the tanning cream and starting to turn brown….oops!

That’s why using the UltiMITT was so pleasant and helpful – it allowed me to TAKE MY TIME applying the lotion to my entire legs, arms, shoulders, etc. without worrying about the self tanner being on my naked hand too long and turning it an odd color (er, giving away my secret! lol). I was cautious about applying the self tanner to my shoulders and I’m glad I did a slow layering. Every 3 or 4 days I added a bit more. I got real good using the ultiMITT and was able to reach farther away spots (behind my back for instance) by applying a certain pattern toward the tip of the mitt.

Great for Solo Application – Use the UltiMITT

Having no one here to help me with this project I realized that this mitt helped me create a more natural, even tone to my skin. I was able to reach behind my back very well and the smooth and softness of the mitt helped the product go on evenly. If you are applying self tanner all alone – you’ve got to use this mitt.

Overall, I must say that having a nice looking, natural tan helped my confidence level wearing a strapless dress that was also a shorter length. I was not afraid of blinding anyone with my crazy white shoulders. My skin tone was even and by taking the time to layer the applications evenly with a large mitt helped it look more natural and also protected my hands from getting brown. I would recommend using the ultiMITT to apply your next self-tanner! (The link sends you to Amazon if you’d like to purchase this product)


Note: This review was made after agreeing to receive the product at a discount for my honest opinion. It was perfect timing as the wedding was a few months away and I knew I’d have time to try it out (and fix mistakes if I made any!) – but using the ultiMITT really made all the difference. A great product.