Tired of Waxing? Try Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal Fort Collins Day Spa
Raise up your arms and catch the bouquet at the wedding thanks to laser hair removal!

With summer fun comes shorts and sleeveless shirts and hot weather. Having nice, smooth hair free legs, arms, backs and faces are of a concern for many people. The waxing and shaving procedures are fine, but temporary. With laser hair removal treatments you can remove unwanted hair quickly and easily. It is the speed and efficiency of laser hair removal that makes it so attraction to many people.

Laser hair removal is generally accomplished in a series of sessions done monthly or every other month. With just 5 – 8 sessions you can reduce the hair in about 85% of the majority of clients. With every machine being different in it’s ability to see lite and dark hairs, your skin color has a lot to do with being a “good” candidate as well. Women and men who overly tan might confuse the laser hair removal machine to think your skin is actually hair and you may be left with a burn. Ouch! This is why it is important to have a licensed laser hair removal specialist take care of your session.

Some Hair Grows Back with Laser Hair Removal

Did you know your hair cycles with its growth patterns? Hairs that were dormant during your previous laser hair removal session may now be in the growth phase. This is where the need for multiple treatment sessions arises. Multiple sessions ensures that all the hairs are taken care of with the laser hair removal process. These hairs may be shaved by the patient between sessions if desired. Most people keep up on their smooth skin status by having an annual laser hair removal appointment to keep certain areas from regrowth.

Laser Hair Removal – What to Expect

Men love to have smooth, sexy, tan skin too. It begins with Laser Hair Removal
Men love to have smooth, sexy, tan skin too. It begins with Laser Hair Removal

Don’t expect to be hair free after one laser hair removal session, as there is no hair removal method that can eliminate hair for good in just one session. Even electrolysis, recognized as permanent by the FDA, requires many sessions (however, because of its time consuming nature and impracticability for areas other than the face, it has deceased in popularity over the years). In some cases however, electrolysis might give you better results in a certain area of your body. It’s best to find a licensed laser hair removal specialist and a certified electrolysis technician in the same establishment.

The skill and experience of the practitioner as well as your home maintenance and exposure to sunlight all will contribute to your success or failure with laser hair removal. Having a trusted, experienced technician advising you in this method is highly recommended. Ask the day spa or laser hair facility what training and certifications their technician as achieved. Only work with facilities that prominently display their technicians licenses as proof of coursework and hours completed.

Laser Hair Removal Specials

Lately there seems to be quite a lot of specials, deals and one-day only type coupons out there encouraging a quick laser hair removal session. These are usually enticements to get you in the door to that day spa or laser facility so that you buy a larger package later. Still be sure to be diligent in the investigation of the technician. It would be a shame to have a problem when you need to wear shorts or show your underarms in a bridesmaid dress and there are scars from your laser session! Be sure of who is working on you and know their experience level.

Laser Hair Removal