Fake Pony Tails for Confidence and Fun

Ever wanted one of those long pony tails like all the Cheerleaders? Long, healthy strands of hair just perfect swinging about and catching everyone’s attention. It’s easy to add a fake pony tail to your existing hair. There are many products on the market that can transform your look from boring to sexy in an instant.

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Fake Pony Tails: Traditional Clip-On

The traditional clip-on pony tail just sort of mounts on top of your existing pony tail hiding your hair underneath. Be sure to match your hair color with the color of the fake hair! That would reveal your secret.

Fake Pony Tails: Wrap Around

The newer way to add length with fake pony tails is to wrap around your existing pony tail and take a bit of the fake hair and wrap it around your elastic band so it hides the elastic and keeps things snug. Match that hair color!

You can also add fake bangs once in a while with a head band – your friends will say, “when did you do that?” – “oh, 30 minutes ago, so easy”  (insert smug grin…)

Fake Pony Tail for Sassy TimesAnd you are so bored with your hairstyle! You’ve got to get out more and try new things. This type of shopping is best done with the girlfriends and keep the boyfriend thinking he missed something (like 6 inches of hair growth) but do they notice? Yes! They see your confident fake pony tail swagger -you changed up your look and feel great.

Now that’s worth a quick blog post read, eh?

We’d like to suggest for our Northern Colorado friends to venture to Greeley and visit Linda at Accessories with a Flair!  . . . and Hair for all your wigs and fake pony tails and fake bang accessories. She carries the Raquel Welch line of extraodinary wigs and also different brands of clip-ons and wrap-arounds. Click the link above for the website for this popular Greeley boutique. Lots of great one-of-a-kind styles and great fashions too!

Enjoy the new you ♥