Who is Visiting the Day Spa?

There has been a large shift in the type of person that frequents a day spa over the last 5 years. As the baby boomers age and get into their routines of staying healthy through a variety of techniques – healthier diets, brain games, yoga and working out, etc. the new spa guest is younger, more community focused, results oriented and very stressed. Visiting the day spa is still on their list, but there is a new emerging group of visitors.

Generation X & Y are Visiting the Day Spa

Generation X & Y Visiting the Day Spa  - Fort Collins Day Spa
Generation X & Y Visiting the Day Spa

Generation X & Y have discovered the spa, and it’s more than a demographic switch. These new spa goers are shifting the spa experience to meet their unique desires. They reject pampering, embrace a more wellness approach and consider their spa time their “down time”. Time away from computers, work, iPhones, kids and the stress of their growing responsibilities is what is driving them to the spa. But they are bringing their friends with them as well! Having a group spa experience is a great way to gather your friends and have actual “face time” instead of “ Facebook” time!

Knowing that this younger generation is very computer savvy, many spas have engaged in online booking, automated referral and rewards programs, wireless internet access at the spa, and comfy seating areas so you can spend some time with your friends and socialize between your spa services. Seek out these types of facilities – they “get” it!

Pick a Green Day Spa |  Fort Collins Day Spa
Pick a Green Day Spa

Some spas are mixing more innovative relaxation techniques to compliment the typical massages and body treatments of more traditional spas. There are light based therapies such as , infra-red and LED as well as sound therapies involving eastern methods typically found in yoga settings such as chanting, low vibrational gongs and meditation based music. Have you tried any of these therapies? Next time you are visiting the day spa, do something entirely different. Find out which therapist is the expert in that modality and book a session with them to experience something new with a pro. It might just open up your creative side, or uplift your spirit or clear your mind. Be adventurous and explore the new offerings from spas. If your local spa is still stuck in 1992, just be sure to schedule a weekend away in Las Vegas and include an afternoon of relaxation at one of the world class spas in Vegas. It’s a good mix of fun and relaxation!

Boomers are visiting the Day Spa

Baby boomers still go the spas, yet the younger generations are hitting these facilities in record numbers. They seek out spas that give back something to the community, have an emphasis on local sourcing of products, are environmentally friendly (recycling, etc.), provide the services they require, and most importantly, they want to trust that when visiting the day spa it provides certified therapists that are knowledgeable in their field. The successful spa can cater to both groups effortlessly.

Visiting the Day Spa to Relax is Everyone’s Wish

As the day spa industry changes, look for innovative offerings, flexible hours, a friendly, accommodating staff and pricing that makes sense for your budget in this economic climate. The term “investing” is used so frequently now it seems silly sometimes, but in a way when you visit a day spa you are making a commitment to your health and well being. Your world is more balanced, the stress is eliminated and you smile more. So turn off your cell phone, give yourself travel time both to and from the spa and schedule time to invest in yourself. Visiting the day spa compliments your healthy eating habits and keeps you balanced and healthy.

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